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5 Type Diet That Fits Your Lifestyle

For those of you who want to lose weight is no easy way to do that is by way of a healthy diet. Do not necessarily have an extreme diet and spending much money. Being healthy does not need to be expensive, is not it?

There are several types of diets that are now becoming a trend and easy to do for you and fun to do.

Here is the type of diet that may exist do to lose weight:

1. Carbohydrate Diet 

Carbohydrate diets currently being in among the people because  that carbohydrate is the largest contributor of calories in the body. Therefore, if you do carb diet should choose rice meal replacement that can be diberas red, vegetables or fruits. Rice is the major contributor of calories in the body

Carbohydrate diet menu options also determine whether carbohydrate diet you are doing is correct or not. You can select a menu option such as oatmel, yams, bananas, brown rice, and potatoes with a limited dose every week. In the selection of menu carbohydrates should also consider your condition or activity you are doing. Do not let the diet intake of carbohydrate you eat does not meet your calorie needs that causes you to limp in routine.

2. Diet Mayo 

Salt diet mayo diet or a diet that is recommended. When you do this diet you are forbidden to consume salt and ice water. There is a menu that you must obey your diet succeed. Mayo diet that you consume during 13-14 days without missing the correct menu. If you fail one day course in 13 days that you have to eat all over again from the beginning. Mayo diet is generally carried out for 13 days and if you follow this diet mayo your weight will be reduced by 7-8 kg within two weeks.

But remember after you undergo 13 days of this you are expected moderation in eating, keep eating in accordance with the correct portion and apply a healthy lifestyle so that you do not in vain.

3. Green Tea Diet

For those of you who like to drink tea, would have been familiar to hear that green tea can lose weight since the first. In the country of Japan has long made the routine of drinking green tea every day. By consuming green tea can suppress appetite. Polyphenols contained in green tea that not only protect the body from free radicals, but also can affect the absorption of fat in the body.

4. Low Fat Diet

Low-fat diet means that you are forbidden to consume foods that are high in fat. You are encouraged to consume foods that contain unsaturated fats. As for foods that contain saturated fat include butter, minced meat, grains and egg yolks.

You are allowed to consume foods derived from nuts and fish. In addition you can get a low-fat diet of foods that are boiled, steamed and baked.

5. Fasting

Healthy and fast way to lose weight is by fasting other. Currently there are 2 phases fasting done of dawn and breaking fast. At the time of the meal you are expected to consume rice and enough fiber. After the meal you are left empty stomach for 13 hours until sundown. After sunset you will break the fast, but during fasting is certainly not arbitrary straight big meal. You should start by consuming water and fruits. If you want a great meal give pause of about 1 hour before eating rice with small portions

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