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5 Ways Proper Diet

Has a slim body is a dream for all people, both men and women. Getting a slim body is certainly not easy for some circles. Many people who find it difficult to lose weight because it already has a fat body.

Here's how the right diet that you can apply in your daily life

1. Consumption of Water
Water is the liquid that is necessary for the body to stabilize the condition of the body and the cells in the body. Water you should consume an average of 8 glasses a day. Avoid consuming kinds of soft drinks because of the type of drink is not necessary when you are on a diet program.

2. Set the Diet
You need to set nutrition into the body. Excess and deficiency in the body's intake will interfere with the body's metabolism will actually memperlamat process your diet. Diet menu is arranged so that the intake of nutrients that you eat can be balanced.

Ø The full breakfast
Breakfast in the morning is very important because it can be the energy to start the activity. The morning breakfast should start at 07.00, eat oatmeal or 2 egg whites (without yolk)

Ø Snack morning
Not only the food that is needed by the body weight, a snack was needed. At the time 10:00 am consume almonds. Almonds contain ingredients that are good for the heart, vitamin E acts as an antioxidant and reduces the risk of heart disease.

Ø Lunch
Lunch is served to add useful energy to do activities after 12:00 hours. The recommended menu at lunch is red rice, grilled skinless chicken breast, broccoli and oranges.

Ø evening Snak
As the afternoon the body also requires a waterwheel to move. Eat a snack / snack like 2 eggs without the yolk

Ø Dinner
The recommended menu at dinner is oatmeal and 2 white eggs (without yolk)
You should have dinner under 9 pm, because at dinner over at 9 pm will hinder the process of diet you are doing.

3. Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables
Nutrients contained in fruits and vegetables can help you lose weight naturally. Rich in fiber and helps digestion and low in calories as the main reason why fruits and vegetables are consumed suitable for you who are doing a diet. Almost every diet recommends eating fruits and vegetables regularly.

4. Avoid Fast Food (Junk Food)

Fast food is not recommended for those of you who want to start a diet program. Why? Because in fast food are high in calories that will increase the risk of obesity, because your body will mengasup high amount of calories. If calories are there in the body it is used properly it will be used as the fat, but the fat content is too high in the body will make the body become fat

5. Regular Exercise

Well, for those of you who are lazy to start the sport then immediately to begin, especially those who start a diet program. Due to the sport, but can also automatically burn fat can maintain health and fitness.
Sports are recommended for those who start a diet program, among others, cardio: with cardio exercise can burn excess fat in your body and can nourish your heart. Weight training: with weight training you can increase the strength of the body and can increase your metabolism.

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